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Your body is a canvas

Celebrate your body with henna body art

This is a photo of Amanda Heath showing off her henna art on her hands

How it all started...

I've always been an artist, but never planned to be a henna artist.  I started with henna because friends starting requesting it.  I fell in love with the art form and really love the connection it brings.  I'm constantly learning, practicing and honing my henna skills - it doesn't even feel like work!
Henna is truly about YOU.  It's about relaxing and enjoying some earthy tones, the calming scent of lavender, and human connection.  Whether you want to celebrate your pregnancy and growing baby bump, or you just want a beautiful piece of body art to celebrate YOU,  I'm your gal.

The tradition of henna

The use of henna dates back to the ancient world when ancient Egyptians used henna to color their hair and nails.

Henna powder comes from the leaves of a bush found in Northern Africa, Southern Europe, Asia, and The Middle East. The leaves are harvested, dried out and crushed into a super fine powder.

Traditionally the practice of applying henna is done around festive times. Such as holidays and weddings. It is now common to find henna artists in the markets in bigger cities. It’s grown in popularity around the world.
The art of applying henna can be called mehndi. Those who apply mehndi can be called mehdika’s or mehndi wala’s.

My Process

I turn henna powder into a paste by adding lemon juice, sugar, and lavender essential oil. Lemon juice is a natural preservative. Sugar helps the paste stick to the skin to ensure a darker stain. The lavender oil helps release the dye from the leaves. 
Amanda Heath of Earthen Artistry Nebraska makes henna paste

Ready to schedule?

Whether you're looking for henna for your baby bump, a special occasion, or for your event, I'm your gal. Let's chat about your vision and make it happen!

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