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This is Amanda Heath acting as a birth doula to a pregnant mom in Lincoln Nebraska

Your body was designed for this.

My philosophy

I believe in physiological birth as defined by Lamaze International: "A normal physiological labor and birth is one that is powered by the innate human capacity. This birth is more likely to be safe and healthy because there is no unnecessary intervention that disrupts the normal physiologic process"

With so much information out there it's easy to get overwhelmed. I provide knowledge/wisdom based physical and emotional support so you can connect with your innate wisdom to birth the best way for you and your baby.

Do you confidently know what your birth options are?

Did you know there are services to help people of color get financial assistance to pay for birth support?

Did you know that home birth is legal in every state, including Nebraska?

Do you know what a midwife is, and how they differ from an OBGYN?

I love talking about birth and helping new families navigate all of their options to discover the best birth choices for them. 


Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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